About texting.com

In 1999, I was in London and I heard some teenagers refer to SMS messaging as “texting.” I thought this was a trend that might catch on, and I registered the domain texting.com.

Fast forward 20 years… It's 2019, and I decided to finally do something with the domain. But an old-school domain deserves an old-school website…

Texting.com is now my personal blog. Social networks have become more stressful than they are rewarding, and I'm going to take a shot at blogging again.

About Keith Calder

I co-founded Snoot with my wife Jess Wu Calder in 2004, and we have produced over 20 movies including Blindspotting, You're Next, The Guest, The Wackness, and Anomalisa. You can see a complete list of my film credits here.

I have three new films coming out this year: Little Monsters (starring Lupita Nyong'o, Josh Gad, and Alexander England), Super Size Me 2, and Corporate Animals (starring Jessica Williams, Ed Helms, and Demi Moore).

In addition to producing movies, I'm also an occasional investor. I previously invested in VHX (which sold to Vimeo) and Faraday Bikes (which sold to Pon.Bike). Most recently, Snoot became an investor in Cloud Imperium Games, the studio that's making the next-generation games Star Citizen and Squadron 42.

Before making movies, I was lucky to attend the Peter Stark Producing Program at USC.

You can also find me on Twitter @keithcalder or on Letterboxd @keith. I also run a small newsletter called Internet Movie Big Deal.